Tom Ford, my lips love you

14 May

I really tried hard not to get one of these. So hard that on my dad’s birthday I arrived late as I took a shortcut through Selfridges to meet him for dinner. I am a bad daughter.

I was scampering through the Beauty Hall (zen….) and I knew in the back of my mind that I shouldn’t even look at the Tom Ford counter but there it was in all it’s glossy glory.

The sales assistant was busy talking to some silly women who had not seen A Single Man and didn’t understand his references about Julianne Moore and the fact that the lipsticks were created for the film. They had no clue at all so when the beautiful boy glanced my way I grabbed him and managed to purchase True Coral in about 5 seconds flat. Score. £35 on a lipstick….hmm.

I have justified it to myself as thinking I would have only spent that on a crappy jumper in Topshop *coughs*

Anyway, it’s beautiful and although far brighter than I would normally wear it makes me feel all grown up. Sort of.


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